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Let Me Tell You An Inspirational Story About A Little Boy's Dream.

The little boy was born in 1968s in a small village at the foot of a mountain called Bekok, in Johor. In those years, the healthcare service of the village was poor. Whenever the villagers suffered from illness, they would first consider the traditional self-treatment methods. If not feasible, they trudged out to seek professional medical treatment. The railway was the most convenient way to the urban areas. Although it only took an hour to get to Kluang to see a doctor, villagers had to spend an entire day from the departure to the clinic and back to the village.

As villagers, the little boy and his family had suffered many times from an illness. The illness was sometimes aggravated by the delay of the golden time of treatment, due to transportation, and that prolonged the rehabilitation period. The ordeal inadvertently sowed the seeds of the little boy's dream of becoming a doctor one day to take away the pain from him and others.

At that time, becoming a doctor was a dream for many. However, for a little boy living in the rural and undeveloped area, it was a distant and fantastic dream due to the lack of healthcare accommodation and education facilities.

At the age of 8, the little boy decided to leave home, to leave the village, and go to school in the urban area. In his opinion, the only way to have the opportunity to chase his dream is to go out of the village.

He left his hometown and was forced to learn to grow. During those hard years, the little boy's soul was lonely, and from time to time, he hoped to receive warmth and care from others. However, it was his choice to leave, hence, wanting to go home was no longer an excuse for him. Painting became a way to strengthen the little boy's soul in those lonely years. Besides killing time, he gained happiness and satisfaction from painting.

After graduating from middle school in Malaysia, he traveled to India to study medicine.

He was nineteen years old at this time, so he was no longer a ‘little boy’. He took off with the blessings and support of his family, along with his own dream.

During his studying days in India, he spared no effort to overcome his academic difficulties. However, he was also admitted to the hospital three times because of an illness. Without the care of his dearest, the boy bravely fought against the disease in the hospital, feeling the pain, helplessness, and the desire to love as a patient.

Finally, in 1996, the little boy fulfilled his childhood dream, formally put on his white coat and earned his title - Dr. Yap. In the same year, Dr. Yap had his own family and career.

In 2001, Dr. Yap established a private clinic in an inland village in Segamat, called Klinik Yap. Since its operation, he had studied hard and wished to be a know-it–all in medicine. He did not want the villagers to face the delays and inconveniences that he had experienced before. He hoped that his clinic could become a one-stop healthcare service for patients of all ages. When specialist treatment is necessary, patients are advised to visit Malacca or Johor Bharu. During that time, the clinics received a wide range of patients, from infants to seniors, from head to toe, and from surgery to medicine.

Since the clinic was located on the edge of a rural area with a poor health history, Dr. Yap later faced some patients with tough skin problems, which motivated him to study dermatology. In 2008, he decided to study at the Department of Dermatology at Cardiff University in England. In the meantime, he had the opportunities to visit hospitals in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom to learn more about skin diseases. Later, Dr. Yap’s career gradually moved from skin treatment to a new field --aesthetic medicine. To enter the field, he participated in the skin beauty cases, ranging from the initial acne treatment to the subsequent elimination of acne scars, and then extended to wrinkle removal and skin contour modification.

Between 2013 and 2014, Dr. Yap’s life was in conflict.

Due to the increased number of aesthetic medicine clients, the operation in clinics was indirectly affected. At that point, he was struggling because there was a lot of new knowledge to practice and a lot of new technology to learn in his new exploring field, and there were so many patients waiting for treatment in the clinic every day. During that time, he was in string feelings of time flies, anxious about not doing everything well and not taking good care of every client.

Of course, the clinic that has been in operation for more than a decade is the main source of his income. He has a stable business relationship and patient base; however, in the field of aesthetic medicine, there are many innovative technologies that inspired his keen interest and eagerness to learn. In many cases, he saw that after his treatment, the customer built self-confidence and became better, and the feeling of the accomplishment made him very happy. He often shared with people: "Aesthetic medicine is a combination of medicine and art.” Every time he finishes his treatment, he feels the same feeling of happiness and satisfaction as painting during his childhood.

The year 2015 is another turning point in his life.

He left Segamat and closed his "Klinik Yap” that he had operated for more than 10 years.

At the right time, he bravely took another step in his life and wished to give himself a special gift.
"Change the existing lifestyle and do the things that I like," he said.

Dr. Yap went to Malacca, where he had always wanted to spend the rest of his life, to develop his "zero" market - Yap’s Clinic.

He said that he came to Malacca with nothing in his pockets. With his simple idea of starting a business fifteen years ago, he emphasized the core value of “starting from zero and doing a good job in the right way.”

He established a platform in Malacca and said, “Let's start from zero and work from the heart.”

Dr. Yap often joked about his 15-year experience with his clients. He shared that during the past 15 years, Klinik Yap had been full of patients and always waiting for his arrival. He had to work all day to fight all kinds of difficult diseases for his patients. He undertook the so-called missions of "bring patients back to life," "excellent doctor," and "benevolent mind and heart" for 15 years. Now, in this new Yap’s Clinic, there are people who visit the clinic just as a result of curiosity. Due to the very few customers, every ring of the doorbell would give him strong motivation and a big surprise!

He cherishes and thanks everyone who comes in because they come for his fame, willing to give him opportunities and trust, and willing to cooperate with him to share his expectations and changes in aesthetic medicine. As time passes, the new clients become familiar guests, and then they become best friends.

The return clients are the source of his confidence, with him cherishing the trust of everyone, this fate, and the unique friendship it brings.

Dr. Yap is also touched by the love and care from his client. Sometimes, clients will bring him souvenirs and share food with him. In his spare time, they will share their life stories with Dr. Yap.

Yap’s Clinic is not only an aesthetic clinic that provides aesthetic medical service, it also gives people a kind of family feeling.

In 2016, due to the increased number of clients, the clinic’s clients gradually developed from Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand; and in the north region, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Thailand, and China. This prompted Dr. Yap to never stop and encouraged him to strengthen the mission of aesthetic medicine. At first, he visited many countries at his own expense, such as Korea, Thailand, Japan, and Singapore. Later, he was invited to Paris and Barcelona to attend seminars in the field of skin beauty, and later, he was promoted to a training speaker.

In 2018, Dr. Yap moved the Yap’s Clinic to a newly purchased building, in hopes of providing clients a more comfortable environment and a convenient parking facility. For a long time, in addition to self-value-added, he would rather have liked to be of benefit to his clients. Although he is also willing to share his customers with more advanced aesthetic medicine efficacy.

He would like to thank all the people who gave him great support, motivation, trust, and encouragement.

Indeed, Dr. Yap showed his passion for his career while dealing with clients.

He said that every treatment, every person he met not only enriched his academic experience, but also enriched his life. He is always grateful to the challenges of his life. Because of those challenges in the past, now he received endurance and perseverance.

He said with a smile: “I am so happy because we are together!”

He is also willing to share his academic knowledge and experience with everyone.

Welcome to Yap’s Clinic.












由于诊所坐落在卫生水平欠佳的乡区边缘,后来叶医生面对一些比较棘手的皮肤问题,由此激发了他学习皮肤科的意愿。2008年,他修读英国Cardiff University的皮肤科系。间中有机会到香港和英国的医院学习看诊皮肤病病患,也对皮肤疾病有更深一层的认识。随后,叶医生又从“皮肤医疗”,慢慢地走入了另一个领域——“医美”。他参与的医美范围从初始的痘痘治疗到随后的消除痘疤,再延伸至除皱、脸皮轮廓修饰,这样逐步开启了医美之路……







他到马六甲,一个他一直向往能够度过后半生的地方,拓展他的“零”市场—— Yap’s Clinic。







Yap’s Clinic不是一家提供医美治疗的医美诊所,更予人一种“家”的温馨!


2018年, 叶医生将诊所搬移至自置的一栋楼,希望提供给顾客更舒适与泊车便利的环境。长久以来,除了自我增值,他更希望能惠及顾客,与顾客一起共享更先进,更美好的医美疗效。






Yap’s Clinic的大门永远为您开着,欢迎您的到来!